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Here you will find a list of our Roundtable sessions and recommended events.


  • Is your child bright but underperforming academically?
  • Is there something wrong that you can’t put your finger on?
  • Is your child struggling emotionally?

Sally Hobbs, Schools Consultant at Mavor Associates and Tatler’s prep school Head of 2015, will host a panel of experienced Heads and specialists to discuss learning support for your child.

Our panel includes:

Bruern AbbeyHeadmaster Mr John Floyd

Bruern Abbey is the only preparatory school in the country to have as its main purpose the preparation of boys with learning difficulties for Common Entrance and other entrance examinations to mainstream independent senior schools.

Francis HollandHeadmistress Mrs Lucy Elphinstone

As an instigator of change around the 11+ process, Lucy Elphinstone understands the pressure faced by parents with children requiring extra support when dealing with exams.

Thomas’s BatterseaHeadmaster Mr Simon O’Malley

Having recently moved from a co-ed prep school in the Kent countryside to a co-ed London day school, Simon O’Malley can offer a broad view of the challenges entrance exams present to both boys and girls who need learning support.

The Parent PracticeCo-founder Ms Elaine Halligan

As a co-founder of The Parent Practice, Ms.Halligan works with parents so that they can provide the right support at home and outside school to raise competent and confident children.

Mavor AssociatesFounder Mrs Veronica Morant 

As an educational consultancy, Mavor Associates aims to equip parents with the information that they need to make informed choices regarding their child’s educational path and the best way to achieve this.

Chartered Consultant PsychologistDr Josephine Storek  

Dr Storek is BPS Chartered Psychologist, with special interest in intelligence, giftedness, Twice Exceptional (2E) and neuroatypical children. She has expert knowledge and interest in attention deficit, executive (dys)function and learning impairments, such as dyslexia. She offers guidance on how to bridge the gap between a child’s potential and achievement.


Join Mavor Associates on Thursday 8 of March at The Library and Morrisons Room at The Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin Street, London SW1X 7DR


Past Events

Is your child taking the 7+ or 8+ assessments or are you contemplating sending your child to a school that will require 7+ or 8+ assessment? We understand how confusing the process can appear and how challenging it can be for parents and children.

At this event we had the opportunity to talk to leading Prep School Heads and understand your options at 7/8+ and we welcomed the following leading Prep School Heads: 



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