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Educational Guidance Services

School Search & Placement

London Schools Directory

Helping parents navigate their way through every stage of finding the right school, from initial search through to preparation for entry requirements.

Nursery Search & Placement

Nursery school search & placement

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and a good nursery can do this. We can help you decide on those first educational steps for your child.

Educational Overview

Educational overview service

The independent schooling system in the UK and especially London is confusing. Let us help you create a roadmap for your child’s educational journey.

Antenatal Advice

Antenatal advice

There is a lot to take on board during this special time, but competition for the most sought-after nursery places makes early registration essential.

Relocation to London

Relocation to London

Simplify your property search with expert help and use our trusted contacts to connect with the right support network from nannies to household staff.

Expert Assessments

Expert educational assessments

Help your child get the best out of their individual abilities. We can assess your child to help identify areas of strength & weakness and how to work with them.

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You accomplished in weeks what would have taken us months!

Jules Heap, London

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